Item IDTypeAuthor Book TitleYear PublishedPlace PublishedPublisher's NameEdition NumberCover TypeCover ColorPagesNote
42NonfictionHall Caine, T.Drama of 365 Days, TheLondonWilliam HeinemannHard/Dustcovermaroon127Illustrated with Fotos
43NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1905New YorkD. Appleton & CoHardmaroon449Popular Edition
44NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1901LondonWilliam HeinemannHardmaroon606
45NovelHall Caine, T.Last Confession, The1906New YorkA. L. Burt CompanyHardmaroon390
46NovelHall Caine, T.Life of Christ1938New YorkDoubleday, Doran & CompanyHard/Dustcoverblack1310
47NovelHall Caine, T.Life of Christ1938LondonCollins PublishersHardmaroon1269
48NonfictionHall Caine, T.Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge1887LondonWalter ScottHardgreen154
49NovelHall Caine, T.Little Manx Nation, The1887New YorkJohn W. Lovell CompanyHardmaroon159
50NovelHall Caine, T.Eternal City, The1999Tokyo JapanKibo Comics1SoftcoloredCartoon version serialized in 13 Vol.
51PlayHall Caine, T.Isle of Boy, The1903New YorkD. Appleton & Co1Softbeige121Copy No 94
52NonfictionHall Caine, T.Little Man Island, The1894Douglas, IOMIsle of Man Steam Packet Co1Softbeige50bound in hardcover
53PoetryHall Caine, T,Sonnets of Three Centuries1882LondonElliot Stock1Hardgreen320No 24 of 50 Copies;handmade paper, signed by Stock
54NovelHall Caine, T.Son of Hagar, A1887LondonChatto & Windus, Piccadilly1Hardgreen961Vol. 1-3
55NovelHall Caine, T.Son of Hagar, AChicago USADonohue BrothersHardmaroon455
56NovelHall Caine, T.Son of Hagar, ALondonLeisure LibraryHardblue320Dustcover
57NovelHall Caine, T.Son of Hagar, A1898LondonChatto & Windus, PiccadillyHardgreen303
58NovelHall Caine, T.White Prophet, The1909New YorkD. Appleton & CoHardmaroon613Illustrated
59NovelHall Caine, T.White Prophet, The1909LondonWilliam HeinemannSoftmaroon764Vol. 1&2
60NovelHall Caine, T.White Prophet, The1909TorontoMcLeod and Allen1Hardmaroon613Illus. R. Caton Woodville
61NovelHall Caine, T.Woman of Knockaloe, The1923New YorkDodd, Mead and CompanyHardgreen187
62NovelHall Caine, T.Woman of Knockaloe, The1923New York London Toronto & MelbCassell & Co.Hardblack208Dustcover
63NovelHall Caine, T.Woman thou Gavest Me, TheLondon and PhiladelphiaJ. B. Lippincott CompanyHardgreen584Dustcover
64NovelHall Caine, T.Woman thou Gavest Me, The1913LondonWilliam HeinemannHardmaroon584
65NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1895New YorkD. Appleton & CoHardwhite283Vol 1 copy 160 of 250 Vol 2 135 of 250
66SetHall Caine, T.Hall Caine's Best BooksNew YorkP. F. Collier & SonHardBrown1243Vol 1-3 with 7 Titles Illustrated
68SetHall Caine, T.Works of Hall Caine, The - 5 volumesNew YorkP. F. Collier & SonHardRed1734Greeba Castle Edition
69SetHall Caine, T.Hall Caine's Novels1910London UKLondon Colour Printing Co, LTDHardgreen581Prodigal Son, The / The Scapegoat / The Christian
70NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, TheLondon UKCassell & Co.Hardmaroon496Dustcover
71NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1895London UKWilliam HeinemannHardmaroon439
72NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1895New YorkD. Appleton & Co8Hardmaroon529
73NovelHall Caine, T.Manxman, The1895New YorkD. Appleton & Co9Hardmaroon529
75NovelHall Caine, T.Master of Man, The1921Philladelphia & LondonJ. B. Lippincott CompanyHardmaroon430Dustcover
76NovelHall Caine, T.Master of Man, The1921 LondonWilliam HeinemannHardmaroon432
77NovelHall Caine, T.Master of Man, The1921 LondonWilliam HeinemannHardmaroon432Copy 49 of 100 for E. Knoblock signed by
78NonfictionHall Caine, T.My Story1908 LondonWilliam HeinemannHardmaroon398
79NonfictionHall Caine, T.My Story1919New YorkD. Appleton & CoHardmaroon388Illustrated
80PlayHall Caine, T.Prime Minister, The1918LondonWilliam Heinemann1HardGreen167Copy from Thomas Hardy, signed by Author
81PlayHall Caine, T.Pete1908LondonP. F. Collier & Son1SoftBeige164The Author's Copy w/edits by author
82NonfictionHall Caine, T.Politics and Art1880LiverpoolNotes and queries Society1HardMaroon41
83NovelHall Caine, T.Prodigal Son, The1904LeipzigH. U. Ludwig Degenerhardblue665Der Verlorene Sohn (German Edition)

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